PADI Rescue Diver Course

The Padi rescue diver is the next step after your Padi Advanced Diver course, as you work up the Padi system to your desired level of diving.

This course prepares you to be comfortable with your own diving to the point where you can be prepared to react to problems whilst out diving.

We teach you, Equipment configuration, pre-dive relaxation techniques, panic diver scenarios, out of water rescues, in-water rescues, missing diver, recovering unresponsive diver to the surface and oxygen administration.

This course has numerous skills and tasks that have to be completed, however any instructor or participant will tell you that this is one of the most fulfilling Padi courses to take part in.

This course has multiple scenarios filled with situations that you will learn to execute to a high standard, under the tuition of a highly experienced instructor & dive masters.

Course schedule

1 theory session, 1 pool session, 2 open water sessions.

Course prerequisites:

  • Advanced diver or equivalent.
  • Aged 12 and over
  • Emergency First Response certified, within 24 months*

*If you have not completed a Emergency First Response course, this can be run at the same time.

rescue diver


  • Rescue Diver Course £275.00 Includes Padi Material
  • Rescue Diver Course & Emergency First Response Course £400.00 Includes Padi Material
  • Rescue Diver Course, Oxygen Provider Course & Emergency First Response Course £450.00 Includes Padi Material

What’s Next?

So what is next after the rescue diver course?

Option 1 is Padi Master Scuba diver. This is the highest recreational scuba diving qualification you can hold.

Option 2 is Padi Divemaster. This is your first professional rating within scuba diving.

Interested in the PADI Rescue Diver course?

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