Padi Wreck Diving Course

Shipwrecks have always fascinated divers with their mystery. When a diver approaches a shipwreck there is a feeling of curiosity. How did it get there? What was it carrying? What men once lived and worked here?

Increasingly, the remains of sunken ships tell marine archaeologists about man’s history. A wreck diver willing to research archives may find the history of a favourite shipwreck and add to it by sifting through clues on the wreck itself.

Shipwrecks quickly become artificial reefs (some ships are sunk intentionally for that reason). These wrecks attract new underwater life & provide new habitat.

In many areas, shipwrecks are among the best places to observe aquatic life. Thanks to their structures, the life that inhabits wrecks tends to attract photographers.

Course Prerequisites

Advanced Open Water Certification
Minimum age 15

Course Duration

2 Days (one weekend), spread over 4 dives


Price: £190.00*
*Includes the Padi course materials


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