Student Scheme

Our vision

We plan to encourage potential young enthusiasts to learn a new hobby that promote skill based learning from the day they start our entry level course.

We believe the skills that we teach all of our students, will not only improve their competence as a diver, but will be skills that can be used in improving education standards and further on into work.

This scheme aims to start a club for people of a similar age, to become involved in regular dive trips, ongoing skill workshops & continuing education course enrolment.

training at xplorscuba

The history behind the theory

I began scuba diving at the age of 12. I started by completing an Open-water course, this is the entry level into scuba diving. This course taught me the basic skills for scuba diving. From this point on I had a hobby to work towards. I would set myself goals to coincide with school exams. Every time I succeeded in an exam I would enrol into another scuba diving course. I soon realised skills I learnt through my diving will be skills I would need not only in school but also when I left school. Some of the skills I learnt are as follows; commitment, leadership, confidence, team player & problem solving, etc.

– Ryan, Xplor Scuba

Scheme structure:

We are wanting to work with your school to pilot a scheme where we work with a group of individuals to bring them through the PADI course structure to possibly take them right through to becoming a diving professional.

As with this type of activity we do have over overheads that unfortunately are un-avoidable. What we normally do is charge each customer per course. However what we propose is that we could quote a group price with a minimum participant amount.

We aim to enrol 6 students per intake, into the PADI Open-water, entry level course. This course consists of a course orientation presentation, independent study, knowledge review presentations, confined water skill sessions, a theory examination and final open water practical assessment.

Dive Guide
  • Course orientation presentation:
  • The students meet there instructor and assistants. Receive their course manual, course schedule and fill in all required documentation.

  • Independent study:
  • Students will work through their theory manual and complete end of chapter knowledge reviews to assess that they understand what they are reading.

  • Knowledge review presentation:
  • Students will attend an instructor led presentation where they assess the students knowledge reviews are correct, and any incorrect answers will be explained in detail until students are confident with their theory.

  • Confined water sessions:
  • There are 5 practical skill sessions where all students are taught to master the 24 skill circuit.

  • Theory exam:
  • All students must complete the theory exam with a pass rate of 75%

  • Open Water assessment:
  • For this we will attend a purpose-used dive quarry. This will be completed over 2 days where we assess the skills the students learnt during the confined water section, in an open water environment.

Upon successful completion of the open-water assessment the student will receive an open-water certification card, which is recognised world wide, to enable you to dive to a maximum of 18 metres.

As UK water temperature can sometimes be surprisingly refreshing, we train our students to use dry suits. This is normally is an additional course due to additional theory and practical tuition. Our course fees per person for the open-water & dry suit course normally retail at £435.

However this is where our scheme is different to any other dive centre in the area, as we want the school to be a part of our scheme we propose a course fee of £235 per person. This price is only available through the school and only for a full course student ratio.

We would like to involve your teaching staff into our scheme as the relations built through our courses, we feel will draw higher academic standard in the subject that teacher is involved with.

Interested in the Student Scheme?

Contact Us or call us directly on 0845 338 3021 or 07974088191.